Knowing What’s In Your DNA Is Your First Step to Better Health.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how your DNA influences your health.
Easy to use DNA Tests
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the Vitacore Comprehensive Health Report covers an extensive list of 92 genes.
Digestive Health
Boost your health with MoreVita's genetic insights, guiding informed choices for diet and exercise, optimizing your digestive health.
Energy and Nutrition
Empower yourself with MoreVita's genetic insights for improved energy and nutrition. Manage fatigue better and optimize nutrition absorption.
Stress and Cognitive Performance
Enhance cognitive performance and reduce anxiety with Morevita's insights into your genes for stress, sleep, and memory improvement.
Inflammation & Longevity
With MoreVita, learn about your inflammation and longevity genes to enhance toxin resistance and promote healthy aging.
Athletic performance
Boost your athletic performance with Morevita's insights into your unique genes, optimizing muscle recovery and reducing injury risks.
Discover a scientifically backed report that can be referenced for your health risks and unlock a tailored health management plan based on a unique DNA profile, helping maximize health outcomes


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Collect Sample Using Mouth Swab

Morevita’s Vitacore DNA test is simple to use. Just collect saliva using the included mouth swab by following our easy to follow  instructions 


Return Sample 

Insert the test sample in the envelope provided and drop it in any USPS mailbox


Receive Your Detailed Health Report

Within a few days our lab will send you a detailed report of what we found in your genetic makeup. We’ll give you actionable steps you can use to improve your health.
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Know Exactly What Impacts Your Health

MoreVita Helps You Achieve Your Health Goals

At home testing is a easy way to find out what you can do to improve your health.
Get your test fast
We are serious about speed. When it comes to sending out tests we are one of the nations quickest at shipping orders.
Easily return your samples
After you collect your sample just use your included shipping label to return it to our lab.
Easy to understand results
We make it easy for you to discover a tailored health management plan based on a unique DNA profile, helping maximize health outcomes
We only use the latest technology
At Morevita we use some of the most advanced technology and processes to securely examine your DNA.
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Discover your unique health profile with Morevita's At Home Lab DNA Health Testing Kit. Uncover detailed genetic information about your body, tailor your lifestyle to your DNA, and take proactive steps towards wellness, right from the comfort of your home. Personalized health made simple with Morevita.
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